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About Outdoor Vagabond

Outdoor Vagabond is a company specialized in offering customized guided tours and courses in the Scandinavian wilderness.

The owner of the company is me – Adam Lindgren. I am a fanatic outdoor enthusiast and I am running this company together with a small group of trained and certified outdoor guides and educators.

We are operational in all of Sweden and we arrange both big and small adventures.

We paddle through lakes and rivers, explore old historical mines, hike and camp in the woods, and go out on month long expeditions in unmarked terrain in the Scandinavian mountain range, in winter as well as in summer.

We love what we do, and we are driven by our aspiration of making the outdoors accessible to others. We are a small company, and we intend to stay that way. Our aim is not quantity, but quality.

Who am I?

My name is Adam Lindgren and I am a fanatic outdoor enthusiast born and raised in Sweden.

I have always been a vagabond by nature and hence I have spent most of my adult life traveling. I have traveled to many places, and also spent a few years living in India and South Africa. These two countries are like home to me, and places where I also do guided tours in cooperation with other tour operators.
I have always been filled with curiosity and therefore always been in the pursuit of learning wherever possible. I have spent 5 years in university studying everything from history and philosophy to sustainable development, and also 2 years in college studying to become a wilderness guide and Swedish mountain leader.
My interest for the outdoors has always been there. I have a long history of pursuing outdoor activities such as sailing, paddling, climbing, hiking and of course skiing.
I now work full-time as a guide and outdoor educator and currently I am active in three continents, namely Europe, Asia and Africa. Besides from the services I provide through my own company, I also free-lance as a guide and educator for many other renowned Swedish tour operators.


Where am I?

Outdoor Vagabond is based at Outdoor Vagabond HQ in the town of Sala.

Our office resides right in the old historical area of the Sala Silvermine. From here we travel to all parts of Sweden and the world.

What are my credentials?

Besides from all the learning and studies I have pursued on my own, I have also spent 5 years in university and 2 years in college.

Between 2010 and 2016 I studied the social sciences at university, mostly history, philosophy and political science. Since 2016 I hold a bachelor degree in political science.

Between 2016-2018 I studied full-time to become a Wilderness Guide and Swedish Mountain Leader at Storuman Folkhögskola, Sweden.


What experience do I have?

I have worked as a guide and educator for more than a decade and in various settings.

I have experience with:

Leading tours to the top of the Mount Kilimanjaro;

Leading tours in the Scandinavian mountain range;

Leading tours in India;

Leading tours on horse back in South Africa;

Organizing outdoor education events for schoolchildren of all ages;

Guiding in the historical Sala Silvermine in Sweden

Leading guided canoe tours in the historical water ways of Sala;

Guiding high-wire tree top climbing in Sweden

My associates

A lot has been said about me, but many assignments are more than a one-person job.

For such assignments I bring in my close associates whom all, just like me, are trained and certified outdoor guides and educators. We all share the same passion for what we do and that is what makes us exceptional.